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Throughout 2021, ToBe Advisory hosted a series of ‘Purpose with Profit’ events, and instalment 3 in went off with a bang – well, belly’s full of laughter but bang is the vernacular so let’s stick with that.

Comedy, fun, happiness. What could go wrong? Dropping the mic, that’s what (so sorry!!). But dropping the mic is the ultimate act in comedy, so even as an accident – I’ll take it.

Dr Jenny BrockisAngel Chen and James Sutherland, facilitated by Aaron Ryder, provided invaluable insights into the mechanics and importance of incorporating happiness and fun into the workplace – something we all need.

Left to right: Aaron Ryder, James Sutherland, Angel Chen, Dr Jenny Brockis

Plus to make the point, comedians Nicole Shi, Shash Kapur and Matt Storer provided the knock-out blow – stand-up comedy at a business event!?! So much joy in the lead up to Christmas, and something anyone can incorporate into their events.

Comedian Matt Storer

The end result. Learning enhanced by laughter.

We all need more happiness at work, and comedy can provide that. If you’re looking to incorporate some fun into your next team event, seminar, conference, etc… then a comedian or few to entertain your crew may be the answer. 

Many thanks to venue sponsors The Platform for making your space available, fantastic venue!!

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